About Me

Welcome kindred spirits. I’m Brianna Cartwright, MSEd., an experienced spiritual counselor and author, dedicated to guiding souls as they navigate the profound waters of spiritual discovery.

Journeying through mid-life or facing significant life transitions can often feel like traversing an unfamiliar landscape. It’s during these pivotal moments that we most ardently seek purpose, understanding, and inner tranquility. For many, the voyage is not only about confronting change but also about aligning more deeply with one’s authentic spiritual self.

With a heart tuned to the delicate nuances of the human experience, I specialize in guiding adults—particularly those in mid-life or undergoing transformative life events—towards a deeper connection with their inner essence. My expertise lies not just in providing spiritual direction, but in creating a sacred space where you can rediscover your true self amidst the noise of everyday life.


For those drawn to the realms of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and holistic wellness practices, our journey together will resonate even more profoundly. Through years of dedication and learning, I have interwoven these transformative tools into my counseling approach, ensuring that each individual’s spiritual path is both grounded and expansive.

Our spiritual journey is as unique as our fingerprint, yet the yearning to connect, understand, and find peace is universal. Whether you’re seeking clarity, purpose, or simply a deeper connection with yourself and the universe, I am here to walk beside you, lighting the path forward.

Thank you for entrusting me with your journey. Let us embrace the adventure of self-discovery together.


Brianna Cartwright